Recovery for elderly with postoperative complications, from difficult to impossibleRecuperarea vârstnicului cu complicaţii post operatorii, de la dificil la imposibil

[:en]Stanciu Oana Maria, MD, geriatrics and gerontology, Hospital of Chronic Diseases ‘’Sf. Luca’’, Bucharest, Romania

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In Europe and other developed countries the ageing of the population is a well-known phenomena. Elderly patients face multiple comorbidities that require a specific and multidisciplinary therapeutic approach.

Palliative care and geriatric medicine are closely related, although the aim of geriatric medicine does not consist only in improving the quality of life, but also in rehabilitation or the stabilization of patient’s health.

Elderly suffer mostly from at least two progressive and degenerative chronic disease. Therefore, a multidisciplinary geriatric assessment is necessary to determine which treatments and care are needed. These actions should be accurately monitored and evaluated. Additonally, palliative care may be needed to cover the needs of elderly patients.

Key words: elderly, geriatric, palliative care, comorbidities

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