[:en]Kinesio taping: a method to ameliorate lymphedema in palliative care[:ro]Kinesio Taping: ameliorarea limfedemului în îngrijirea paliativă[:]

[:en]Crișan Elena Simona, MD, internal medicine, competence in palliative care, Hospital Nova Vita Hospital, Târgu-Mureș, Romania

Address for correspondence: email: elena.simona@rdslink.ro


Rapid control of symptoms caused by massive lymphedema can be realise by using kinesio tapes. The application of bands leads to microscopic lifting of the skin, increasing interstitial space, facilitating lymphatic drainage and reducing oedema. To illustrate the benefits of this method we presented two cases of hospitalised patients with cancer.

The application of kinesio tapes has enabled in both cases a rapid and significant reduction of the lymphedema.

Key words: kinesio tapes, lymphedema, cancer, palliative care

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