[:en]Palliative treatment of chronic wounds[:ro]Tratamentul paleativ al plǎgilor cronice[:]

[:en]Leșe Mihaela, MD, PhD, senior surgeon, competence in palliative care, Emergency County Hospital Baia Mare, Baia Mare, Romania

Address for correspondence: e-mail: mihaelalese@yahoo.co.uk


The difference between palliative and curative treatment of chronic wounds consists in the holistic approach. Addressing the patient with chronic wounds means ensuring comfort and increased quality of life (both patient and family), with the main objective to combat the symptoms and to stabilize the evolution of the wounds simultaneously with the application of curative treatment.

Palliative treatment does not preclude curative treatment but put first the welfare of the patient.

Key words: chronic wound, pain, bleeding, odours, dressing, palliative

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