[:en]Bringing bad news at patients with lung cancer[:ro]Comunicarea veștilor proaste la pacienții cu cancer pulmonar[:]

[:en]Dr Antuanela Loredana Tuinea (a,b), Dr Gabriela Rahnea Niță (a,c), Doința Dascălu (a,d), Aurora Ioniță (a,d), Mihaela Crăciun (a,d), Dr Anda Natalia Ciuhu (a,e)

(a): Department of oncology – palliative care, Chronic Disease Hospital “St. Luke “Bucharest, Romania
(b): MD, oncologist, palliative care specialist
(c): MD, PhD, oncologist, palliative care specialist, trainer in palliative care
(d): nurse
(e): MD, PhD Student, oncologist, palliative care specialist

Corresponding author:
Dr Gabriela Rahnea Nita, e-mail: gabriela_rahnea@yahoo.com


Communication may improve the quality of patients’ adaptation to the disease, reduce pain and physical symptoms, increase adherence to treatment and therefore lead to a higher degree of satisfaction with care

Materials and method:
We investigated 62 patients with lung cancer, who were hospitalized in the Hospital ‘’St. Luke’’, at the Oncology Palliative Care Department. Patients were asked to complete a questionnaire with nine questions (with yes/no answer) on how the patient wanted to be informed about some aspects of the disease.

Results and discussions:
Regarding the desire to be informed about the diagnosis of illness, disease status and prognosis changes over 80% of patients answered that they wanted to be informed.

Four out of ten patients consider that the family and patient must be informed at the same time about diagnosis and prognosis; half of the patients did not answer this question. Some patients indicated that they wanted the presence of his/her spouse or another family member during the process of bad news communication.

The ideas, concepts about the disease, the psychological and supportive resources, when illness occurs, family situation, reaction to difficult situations, personality, are factors that may explain differences in reaction to the impact of the disease. These factors may also relate to the way patients want to be informed about their disease.

The opinion of the way the patient wants to be informed is important and should be respected. For health care professionals such knowledge is also important.

Key words: bad news, communication, lung cancer, patient, family

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