[:en]Skin toxicity in cancer treatments: case presentations and literature review[:ro]Toxicitatea cutanată în tratamentele din cancer: prezentări de caz și revizie de literatură[:]

[:en]Diana Moisuc (a), Iulian Prutianu (a), Andreea Herciu (a), Bogdan Gafton (b)

(a): MD, resident oncologist, Regional Institute of Oncology, Iași, Romania
(b): MD, oncologist, lecturer, University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Gr.T.Popa” Iași, Romania


Skin toxicity of cancer treatments, both conventional cytotoxic chemotherapy and modern molecular therapies, represents a real problem for patients. Skin toxicity may induce anxious-depressive syndromes and social integration issues.

In this paper we present some example of skin toxicity because the impact of this problem on the quality of life of cancer patients could be significant being related to psychological and social problems which could lead to social isolation.

Prophylactic and therapeutic management provides improved quality of life and increased adherence to treatment for all patients.

Key words: skin toxicity, quality of life, cancer, molecular therapy

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