[:en]The polygon of pain[:ro]Poligonul durerii[:]

[:en]Prof. Ostin Costel Mungiu, MD, PhD, emeritus professor in pharmacology, Department of Pharmacology and Analgesy, University ”Gr.T. Popa”, Iaşi, Romania

Corresponding author: Prof. dr. Ostin Costel Mungiu: e-mail: ocmungiu@yahoo.com


With over three decades of experience in the field of pain studies, which I have presented at many national and international events in this field, I dare to make some thoughts on how to address the pain problem in general, but also how it is managed in our medical system.

We developing a model comparing pain with an irregular polygon. The largest is the clinical and therapeutic side, but it is no less true that the other sides (spiritual, social, economic, educational, managerial, ethical and neurobiological) have their own value.

In the present paper I will briefly review the other sides of the painful phenomenon and we give the right strategies for a good management. Also we stressed for implementing in our country for a specialization in analgesia.

Key words: pain, polygon of pain, management of pain

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