[:en]Dyspnoea – multidimensional aspects[:ro]Dispneea – aspecte multidimensionale[:]

[:en]Tebeică Ana-Maria, MD, oncology, Medical Center Gral, Department of Medical Oncology Ploieşti, Romania

Address for correspondence: e-mail: anamaria.tebeica@yahoo.com


Dyspnoea, associated with a variety of terminal diseases like metastatic cancers, COPD, pulmonary idiopathic fibrosis, and congestive cardiac failure, is considered to be the most frequent symptom in final stage patients.

Dyspnoea, a prolonged effort of breathing, or lack of air, determines an urgent and unpleasant need of breathing, along with suffocating sensation, implicating a series of unpleasant sensations and also, the subjective answer to these.

Application of non-pharmacologic measures are strictly the medical staff’s abilities, but also they need to teach the family members, who continue to take care of the patient at home.

Future studies regarding the psycho-social, existential and spiritual components that defines „total dyspnoea” concept, are awaited in order to underline the utility of the multidisciplinary approach of refractory dyspnoea.

Key words: dyspnoea, opioids, anxiolytic, corticosteroid

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