[:en]Patient satisfaction regarding communication process with physicians[:ro]Studiu privind satisfacţia pacienţilor cu diagnostice oncologice referitor la procesul de comunicare cu medicul curant[:]

[:en]Ioana Păltineanu, recently graduated Faculty of Medicine, University „Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Romania


Oncologic pathology includes over 100 types of cancer, being one of the most complex medical specialties. According to World Health Organization, over 13% of global deaths are caused by oncological diseases. Therefore, it represents a real public health issue, not only nationally, but also globally. As the incidence of this disease is increasing, it requires a better understanding of all its aspects, including the social and psychological ones. Communication between physician and patient is essential in comprehension and acceptance of illness, compliance and in the response to treatment.

As a sixth year medical student, at “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Bucharest, I executed, for my final paper, a cross-sectional study to investigate the relationship between physician and patient from the patients’ perspective.

To assess patient satisfaction regarding communication process with physicians, to improve the relationship between them and to increase the quality of healthcare services.

Materials and methods:
In a cross-sectional study, one hundred fifty-two oncologic patients between 18 and 77 years were asked to answer an online thirty-question survey structured in two parts: first one evaluating demographic data and the second one assessing satisfaction regarding the communication with physicians. Inclusion criteria were: age over 18 years old, oncologic diagnosis and internet access. Exclusion criteria were: age under 18 years old, no oncologic diagnosis, no internet access and altered mental status. After centralization and validation, data were processed and analysed using SPSS.

Demographic data showed that the average age of the respondents was 49.5 years old and most of respondents were women (79%). Data on patient satisfaction regarding the communication with physicians showed that breast cancer was the most frequent diagnosis (38%) that main reason for seeking medical attention was the discovery of a breast lump by self-palpation (34%). More than half of respondents communicated face to face with the medical personnel prior to admission (54%). Most of the respondents indicated a good relationship between them and the physicians. Some of the respondents (13%) stated they did not understand the medical content of the conversation with the physicians.

Key words: cancer, patient, satisfaction, communication

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