[:en]Counselling in palliative care of patients with HIV/AIDS and their families[:ro]Consilierea în îngrijirea paliativă a pacienților și aparținătorilor cu HIV/SIDA[:]

[:en]Adriana Căruntu, palliative care trainer, director Centre of Palliative Care ”Sf. Nectarie”, Bucharest, Romania


The stigma associated with HIV/AIDS may make it difficult for a patient to talk openly about the illness. It is important for counsellors to understand that patients will respond to their illness in different ways. This article discusses feelings and emotions which may be expressed: anticipatory pain, depression, anger, fears.

The problems about HIV must be introduced with caution and sensitivity. If a patient agrees, you may also involve family members in HIV and AIDS counselling. This is an opportunity to consider preventive issues with these family members.

When someone has died of HIV/AIDS, there are certain specific issues that one needs to be aware off when advocating mourners: i.e. social stigma, HIV testing of family members.

Key words: counselling, palliative care, HIV, AIDS, social stigma

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