Palliative care in Romania – arguments, legislation and statistics

Laura Huta, nurse, head of Palliative care department, Hospital ‘’ Dr Nicolae Rusdea’’, Pneumophysiology Department, Baia Mare, Romania


Palliative care provides the patient and his/her family with specialized multidisciplinary assistance to improve the quality of life and alleviate suffering.

This opinion article is a manifest, an approach for the development and promotion of palliative care services in Romania, based on the regulation for organization, functions and the procedure of authorization of palliative services. Statistical data confirm the need to support the development and the implementation of such services and their development on three levels of competence, due to the incidence and prevalence of cancer and chronic diseases, which resulted in an increase of incurable patients who need specialized nursing. Therefore, the available regulations in Romania are described.

Studies show that about 21% of the population is confronted or faced with the problem of caring for an incurable patient in advanced or terminal stages, 76% of whom were cared for by family, 12% by family doctors, and about 1% by specialized services for these patients. Analysis of research data indicates that in Romania less than 5% of the persons, who should receive specialized palliative care, has access to such services.

In recent years, palliative care services have developed in Romania in response to an immediate need for specialist care through services originally provided by non-governmental organizations and subsequently extended to the public health system.

In 2016, 115 palliative care services covered about 10% of the need and, in Romania, the distribution of such services is heterogeneous.

Key words: regulations, principles, quality, continuity, approach

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