Palliative care in severe heart failure

Constantin Bogdan, MD, PhD, associate professor, geriatrics-gerontology and internal medicine, president of “Romanian Society of Pathology and Thanatology”


Heart failure is a common disorder, which clinical evolution may include progressive decompensation, which results in severe final stages when a palliative approach is required. This necessary approach goes along with the specific drug treatment that needs to be continued, which is otherwise a specific approach to heart failure at these final stages.

In particular, diuretic therapy should be present with the advantage of eliminating fluid retention and relieving patient suffering.

Another particular feature is that patients with heart failure at such advanced stages are found in intensive care services – reanimation – where palliative therapy is usually not done, and this conduct needs to be corrected.

Therefore, it is necessary that the intensive care specialists, internists and cardiologists become familiar with the methods in palliative care.

Key words: heart failure, severe stage, specific palliative care

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