Primary Care and palliative care

In the vision of The European Association for Palliative Care (EAPC) palliative care should be fully integrated in primary care systems internationally so that all patients have early access to a palliative care approach in the community (in their own home and in residential care facilities). A workgroup of EAPC writes: “Palliative care still only reaches a minority of potential beneficiaries and is often introduced too late to prevent much distress. People with multi-morbidities and non-malignant conditions, frailty and dementia are still less likely to receive any form of palliative care than those with cancer. To gain universal coverage, a coordinated primary care and public health approach is necessary’’.

A workgroup has made a 4 year work plan, in which it calls for cooperation of all (European) countries. Click here.

See also a recent article in Romanian Journal of Family Medicine here.