The palliative care center Victoria

The palliative care center in the commune of Cumpăna, Constanţa County was established in January 2018. Initially, in a smart building, designed by the renowned Constantian architect Radu Marian, was a residential center for elderly people. Dr. Victoria Braga was the founder. The reconstruction (between 2013-2017) was financed entirely by bank loans because attempts to get European money failed.

Dr. Victoria Braga was convinced that most of the elderly seeking accommodation were sick. In order to provide them with a good nursing and medical care, the structure and interior of the building were modified with allowance of the Public Health Directorate. After recognition as sanitary unit by the Ministry of Health, a center for continuing palliative care was opened.

The center has a capacity of 49 beds and in May 2018 it has settled that 24 beds are financially covered by contract with County Health Insurance House (CJAS) Constanta. At present, the activity of the center is headed by Dr. Victoria Braga, a representative of the Grandpa and Grandmothers Association, a name preserved since the center was intended only for social assistance for elderly people.

The Palliative Care Center has 18 rooms spread over 3 floors, rooms with 2 and 3 beds. A medical cabinet with the appropriate equipment is provided on each floor.

The staff includes 4 doctors, nurses and service women, laboratory assistant, pharmacy nurse, facility maintenance staff, accountant and manager. Medium staff and nurses are working in shifts so that surveillance and nursing care can be permanently insured.

During the hospital stay on the CJAS contract, patients receive gratuity care. At present, the Center is developing protocols and procedures for the accreditation.