Making Meals Make Sense

Eating and drinking is not only a necessary part of everyday life, it also contributes to social contacts and activities and to quality of life.

Making Meals Make Sense is a special cookbook. It is based on experiences of survivors of head and neck cancer. For these patients, the ability to eat and drink is often severely affected by both the physical and psychological side effects of the cancer treatment. Physical effects include problems with chewing and swallowing, dry mouth and loss of taste.The book aims to support patients, survivors and caregivers by providing information on nutrition and guidance on cooking tasty, nutritious meals.

The recipes are based on the experiences of patients who have undergone head and neck cancer treatment. These recipes are finalized in consultation with dieticians and head and neck cancer experts. Also the patients provide advice on how to overcome some of the physical and psychological difficulties they have experienced.

A worthwhile update and state of the art about palliative care in Europe is available. This Atlas presents an overview of 51 countries and shows key data on national policies, use of medicines, education and PC services provision.

Health policies have resulted in a significant increase and integration of palliative care across Europe. However, still major differences exists between countries.

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