Primary melanoma arising in an ovarian cystic teratoma


Introduction: A primary malignant melanoma arising in an ovarian dermoid cyst is a postoperative unexpected diagnosis, which a gynaecologist, surgeon and dermatologist may face during treating dermoid benign cysts. When confirming a malignant melanoma tissue that lines the ovary, it is mandatory to make the differential diagnosis between a primary ovarian malignant tumour and an ovarian metastasis of a primary cutaneous melanoma, as it has not only a different prognosis, but also a different management.

Objective: A clinical update regarding the positive diagnosis and management of transformed dermoid cyst containing malignant melanoma.

Method: A retrospective descriptive analysis of the clinical cases published on PubMed and MEDLINE, between the years 1960 – 2018 was made.

Results: 40 clinical cases were recorded, 6 cases included complete anatomical-pathological description.

Conclusions: When dealing with dermoid cyst greater than 5 cm, intraoperative frozen section is recommended. An ovarian neoplasia that consists of non-ovarian cancerous cells, diagnosis, optimal management and surveillance are difficult to establish. Surgical treatment associated with immunotherapy is recommended in cases of malignant melanoma transformed dermoid. Moreover, omentectomy, iliac and lomboaortic lymphadenectomy improve prognosis and prolong survival. With a catastrophic prognosis, given the scarcity of published cases, optimal management has not yet been established. Keywords: ovarianmalignant dermoid, ovarian melanoma

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