Iva Holmerová

Training and professional activities
1981: graduated from the Faculty of General Medicine, Charles University in Prague.
1981-1991 physician in the District Institute of Health (Department of Internal Medicine), examinitions as specialist 1985 and 1989
l991 > physician in District Institute of Health in Praha and in the Centre of Gerontology, specialist examinations in geriatric medicine 1993 and 1996
1992 > director of the Centre of Gerontology.
2002 PhD. in social gerontology, Charles University in Prague.

Selection of other activities:
1995-1996 member of the group of experts on Elderly in Institutions, to the Council of Europe, Strasbourg
1995-1997 coordinator of the National Programme on Gerontology of the Ministry of Health on behalf of the Czech society of Gerontology and Geriatrics
1998 advisor to the „Ageing Well in the Czech Republic“, project convened by GEMA, Praha and AgeConcern England
1997 Co-founding member and chairman (since 2003) of the Czech Alzheimer Society
2000 > editor in chief of the quarterly on social gerontology Gerontologické aktuality
2007 > president of the Czech Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics
2007 > committee member of IAGG (on behalf of the CGGS)

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