Ostin Costel Mungiu

Training and professional activities
1953-1957 Liceului Internat „Costache Negruzzi”, Iasi, Romania
1957-1963 Faculty of Medicine, UMF Iasi, Romania, speciality GP, MD 1963
1971 PhD Doctor of Medicine, Speciality in Farmacology.
1971-1972 Visiting Sholarship Roswell Park Memorial Institute, Buffalo, USA
1973-1975 Scientific Coordinator Central Lab of Encymology and Farmacology, Iasi
1976-1980 Associate Professor in Farmacology, UMF Gr T.P. Popa, Iasi, Romania
1980 > Professor in Farmacology, UMF Gr T.P. Popa, Iasi, Romania
1986 > Director of the Central Lab for Drugs Testing, UMF, Iasi
2001 > Director of the Research Centre for Pain, UMF, Iasi
2005 > Director of the Centre of Excellence for farmacological cellulair research, UMF

Selection of other activities:
1980 > Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, USA
1982 > Member of th American Chemical Society, USA
1995 > Member and deputy editor Therapeutics Pharmacology and Clinical Toxicology, Bucuresti
2000-2003 Member of CNCSIS
2002-2005 Member of the Commission on Opoid prescription, Ministry of Health
2005-2007 Member of the Commission on Palliative Care, Ministry of Health
2006 > Member of the Commission on Clinical Farmacology, College of Physicians, Romania
2008 > Member of the American College of Clinical Pharmacology
Supervisor of over succesfully finished 15 PhDs
Author of over 540 proessional and scientific articles