Study regarding Patient Satisfaction Communication Process with Physicians

Oncologic pathology includes over 100 types of cancer, being one of the most complexes medical specialties. According to World Health Organization, over 13% of global deaths are caused by this affliction. Therefore, it represents a real public health issue, not only nationally, but also globally. As the incidence of this disease is increasing, it requires a better understanding of all its aspects, including the social and psychological ones. Thus, a good communication between the physician and the patient is essential in comprehension and acceptance of illness, compliance and even in the response to treatment.

As a sixth year medical student, at “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy from Bucharest, I chose, for my final paper, to organize a cross-sectional study with the main objective of enhance the relationship between the physician and the patient. Oncologic patients are asked to respond anonymously to a 30 questions survey. After centralization and validation, data will be analysed and processed using SPSS program. Results will be published so the medical personnel and the patients have access to them.

The study is still in the phase of collecting forms, to see the questionnaire you can click here.

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