Organizational Integration of Palliative Care Service of End-of-life Patients into a Hospital of Infectious Diseases

Conf. univ. Dr. Stela Halichidis1, Conf. univ. Dr Claudia Cambrea1, Dr Consuela Marcaș2,3, Dr Iulia Gabriela Șerban3,4

1 Boli infecțioase, Universitatea «Ovidius» din Constanța, România, 2 Spital Clinic de Boli Infecțioase, Constanța, România, 3 Pediatrie, 4 Psihologie, epidemiologie


The epidemiological management of associated infections in an infectious disease hospital also involves the organizational integration of palliative care for end-of- life patients.

This paper describe the epidemiological context, steps and measures that were required in the Clinical Hospital of Infectious Diseases, Constanța, România, to create palliative care infrastructure tailored to the special needs of highly dependent patients, respecting their privacy.

The multidisciplinary team plays an important role to develop and carry out a care plan tailored to the specific needs of patients with infectious diseases, mostly HIV, AIDS with their specific complications, and other serious viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases.

Keywords: epidemiological management, infectious diseases, palliative care, end-of-life patients, HIV, AIDS

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