Treatment of chronic pain, Quo Vadis?


This article presents and compares different forms of therapy for chronic pain. Chronic pain is a major problem for public health, associated with important consequences for patients and their families, an elevated use of medical assistance and immense social costs. Chronic pain is presented as a multidisciplinary problem, reflecting the complex character of pain mechanisms.

Because of this complexity there are many barriers against the efficacy of pain treatment. This article mentions the advantages and disadvantages of long- and short-time use of opioids. Then, the article studies new substances that have proven significant antalgic effects in clinical and preclinical trials. The possibility of the use of such substances, as well as the advantages and disadvantages are further discussed in the article. Even though this therapy methods require further trials to enter the pain management guides, their efficacy, the possibility of individualized therapy and the absence of addiction open new gates for an efficient analgesic therapy with a better compliance from patients and a rise in the quality of their lives.

Keywords: chronic pain, opioids, alternatives to analgesics


(Full text in Romanian)

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