Wound care – short history


This article makes a journey through history of wound healing to see how people have used their knowledge, imagination, and intuition to solve these health problems and it highlights how much they have evolved medicine today.

We present the people who contributed to the development of the wound care system over time through their scientific contribution and ingenuity, in the order in which these people appeared in history – the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, the Greeks, the Romans, the Indians, the Chinese and the Africans. Along with these, some historical data and aspects will be presented on what Romanians have practiced in this context.

In the native medical history, it was not necessary to acquire a long-term diploma or training to be a physician, i.e. to apply treatment or to execute surgical interventions or to give medical recommendations to a patient. In Romania, centuries ago, besides law-recognized physicians, medicine was practiced by several categories of professionals, the most representative of which were: barber, midwife, confessor, witches.

Keywords: healing, care, wounds, history of native medicine


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