Getting started in palliative care – course for general practitioners in Mureş county

Dr. Elena-Simona Crișan

Palliative care department Nova-Vita Hospital Târgu-Mureș, Romania, Internal medicine

Received: 09.06.2019 • Accepted for publication: 25.06.2019


The need for palliative care is increasing, especially in rural areas where relatively more old people live. In such rural areas, the General Practitioner (GP) is the main actor to deliver palliative care. Therefore, we developed a post-graduate course in palliative care for GPs.

In this article we report about the content of the course, the attendance by GPs and the changes in their knowledge about palliative care. Twenty GPs and some other medical specialists participated in the course, which had 4 modules. After attending the modules a statistically significant improvement in the level of knowledge in the field of palliative care has been achieved for the 20 GPs from Mureș county.

The outcomes demonstrate the importance of such post-graduate programs to improve the knowledge of GPs in specific fields. In this case, it also may contribute to improve the quality of palliative care in Mureș county.

Keywords: general practitioner, post-graduate course, palliative care

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