Development of the wound care algorithm in the specialized palliative care servic

Asist. med. Roxana Mihaela Cazan1,3, Conf. univ. Dr. Daniela Moșoiu2,4, Asist. univ. Dr. Nicoleta Mitrea1,2,3

1 HOSPICE Casa Speranței Brașov, România, 2Facultatea de Medicină, Universitatea Transilvania din Brașov, România, 3Nurse, 4Oncologie


Patients with chronic wounds have multiple factors that slow down the healing process and create widespread discomfort. Chronic wounds are considered wounds whose debut was more than 3 months ago. Developing an algorithm involves synthesizing knowledge and developing specific recommendations for clinical practice based on scientific evidence. Purpose: To develop a tool to support professionals. Material and method: Literature review related to chronic wound care guides. Meeting with the nursing team from HOSPICE Casa Speranței Brașov, in which the relevant articles for the elaboration of a wound care instrument were analyzed. Development of a wound care algorithm. Results and conclusions: The care algorithm is divided into 5 sections: 1. Patient (diagnostic; age; nutritional status; medication; affecting daily activities; alteration of body image and wound assessment) and wound evaluation (description, the type and proportion of the tissue present, the odor, the presence of the exudate/hemorrhage, the surrounding tissue appearance. 2. Establishing the goals of care: preventing the aggravation or occurrence of other wounds; controlling the symptoms related to the wound, maintaining the quality of life, healing the wound. 3. Interventions: choosing the solution of irrigation of the wound, choosing the type of dressings, determining the frequency of changing the dressing. 4. Re-evaluation. 5. Results. The implementation of a wound care algorithm has the benefit of the complex and unitary evaluation of the patients presenting with chronic wounds and the establishment of the objectives and the individualized interventions without omitting one of the sections included in the algorithm.

Keywords: chronic wounds: history, evaluation, management, algorithm, palliative care

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