Public opinion research on Palliative Care

In June 2019 a telephone survey was held about ‘how much do people know about palliative care?’ in the USA. The outcomes show that more than 8 of 10 consumers would consider palliative care for themselves or a loved one if they had a serious illness. They also strongly believed that it is very important for palliative care to be available at all hospitals. A majority of people – informed about what palliative care includes – strongly agreed with the following statements:

  • Palliative care treatment options should be fully covered by health insurance;
  • It is important that patients with a serious illness and their families be educated that palliative care is available to them together with curative treatment;
  • Doctors who treat patients with a serious illness should refer these patients to palliative care when the patient is experiencing difficult-to-manage pain or other symptoms;
  • Palliative care should be available to patients with a serious illness based on a patient’s need, not based on their prognosis.