Acute pericarditis – etiology and diagnosis

Gina Gheorghe MD1,5, Gabriela Ceobanu MD2,6, Florentina Gheorghe3,7, Mădălina Ilie MD1,5, Mihaela Cristina Olariu MD, asistant professor4,8, Dan Dumitrescu MD, asistant professor1,9, Bogdan Socea MD, lecturer1,9, Nicolae Baclabașa MD, asistant professor1,9, Ovidiu Gabriel Bratu, MD, associate professor1,10
1 University of Medicine and Pharmacy „Dr. Carol Davila”, Bucharest, Romania, 2Clinical Emergency Hospital of Bucharest, Bucharest, Romania,
3Medical Center AIDE-SANTE, Bucharest, Romania, 4National Institute of Infectious Diseases “Matei Bals”, Bucharest, Romania, 5Gastroenterology, 6Reumatology, 7Medical Biology, 8Infectious Diseases, 9Surgery, 10Urology

Received: 20.06.2020 • Accepted for publication: 29.06.2020


Acute pericarditis is an inflammatory condition of the pericardium. The incidence of acute pericarditis is not exactly known, but it is estimated that this condition is found in 0.1-5% of patients hospitalized for chest pain. The main causes of pericarditis could be inflammatory, neoplastic, vascular, congenital, and idiopathic. For the diagnosis of acute pericarditis, two of the following criteria must be present: typical pericardial chest pain, pericardial friction rub, widespread ST-segment elevation, and a new or increasing pericardial effusion.

Keywords: acute pericarditis, inflammatory condition, etiology, diagnosis

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