Surgical principles of stoma making

Dr. Mihaela Leșe
Spitalul Judeţean Baia Mare, România, Chirurgie generală

Primit: 4.06.2020 • Acceptat pentru publicare: 25.06.2020


Stoma is one of the most common life-saving surgeries in an emergency. On the other hand, they are also the surgeries with the greatest psychological impact on the patient, also because they may be accompanied by complications, and patients do not have an adequate monitoring framework. We have set out below some principles that must be observed in the manufacture of stoma, so that the immediate and late results are as good as possible, regardless of the type of stoma. Often, this type of surgery is performed on patients with advanced cancers, and the model of palliative care through which the patient is constantly in the care of the team of professionals, seems the most effective. The information below comes in support of these teams, but also in support of the surgical specialties that have stomata in their professional portfolio.

Keywords: ostomy, life long monitoring, tracheostomy, gastrostomy, jejunostomy, ileostomy, colostomy, urostomy

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