A way to understand ‘covid-19 frustration’ and useful recommendations related to palliative care

Prof. univ. dr. Wim J.A. van den Heuvel, Chairman of PALIAŢIA
Received: 30.09.2020 • Accepted for publication: 15.10.2020


The world is controllable as mankind believes, which is demonstrated when a pandemic occurs. The German sociologist Rosa describes that the desire of controllability hinders people to accept the unexpected.
Health care professionals are more familiar with the unexpected, but the idea of controllability may cause frustration and anger in such cases. Care for patients in the Covid-19 pandemic indeed causes frustration. Therefore recommendations how to act may be useful, even if they seem to be ‘well-known’. BMJ has published such recommendations. Some of these are more specific for palliative care patients with severe covid-19.
Being aware of the ‘uncontrollability of the world’ may stimulate to build more resilient societies.

Keywords: Covid-19, palliative care, resilience, recommendations

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