Complex geriatric assessment – A method for diagnosis and interventions in lung cancer at elderly – Case presentation

Șef lucr. univ dr. Sorina Maria Aurelian1,2, As. univ. dr. Ruxandra Mihalache1,2, As. univ. dr. Andreea Zamfirescu1,2, Conf. univ. dr. Ana Capisizu1,2
1Universitatea de Medicină si Farmacie “Carol Davila”, Clinica de Geriatrie și gerontologie, Sp. Sf Luca București, București, România, 2Geriatrie și gerontologie

Received: 5.09.2020 • Accepted for publication: 25.09.2020


Age is a risk factor for cancer. Lung cancer is a very aggressive cancer that occurs in people aged 65-74 years, with evolution that differs from one patient to another.
We present the case of an 81-year-old patient, a smoker with multiple cardiovascular risk factors, who is hospitalized for altered general condition, with significant weight loss, previous chest pain of medium intensity and resting dyspnoea for about 1 month, physical and functional deconditioning.
The complex geriatric evaluation is the key moment in the diagnosis of an oncological pathology. The interdisciplinarity between oncology and geriatrics is a new field that has led to the training of oncology-geriatrics specialists. The management of the elderly patient with advanced cancer should be supported by a home care team, with regular visits, frequencies for symptomatic palliative treatment and psychological support. Additional family support is needed in each case.
Keywords: lung cancer, the elderly, complex geriatric evaluation, onco-geriatrics

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