Latest news in cancer-related fatigue

Prof. univ. dr. Cornelia Nițipir1,2,4, Dr. Andreea Paroşanu2,4, Dr. Lucian Alecu3,5, Asis. univ. dr. Ana Maria Popa1,2,4, Asis. univ. dr. Cristian Iaciu1,2,4, Dr. Mihaela Olaru2,4, Dr. Tulin Adrian3,5, Dr. Iulian Slavu3,5, Dr. Cristina Orlov-Slavu2,4

1Universitatea de Medicină și Farmacie “Carol Davila”, Bucureşti, România, 2Spitalul Universitar de Urgență Elias, Bucureşti, România, 3Spitalul de urgență Agrippa Ionescu, Bucureşti, România, 4Oncologie medicală, 5Chirurgie generală

Received: 15.11.2020 • Accepted for publication: 20.12.2020


Objectives: Cancer-related fatigue can be caused by cancer itself, or a side effects of chemotherapy, and its treatment is often neglected.

Material and Methods: The aim of this review was to explore the current assessment and treatment of fatigue in patients with cancer. From 65 papers found by PubMed literature research, between 2018 and 2020, 15 articles were selected for the specific aim of this review.

Discussion: This article reviews and synthesizes current pharmacological or non-pharmacological therapies for cancer-related fatigue, evaluated in randomized trials.

Conclusions: The complexity of cancer-related fatigue warrants individualized treatment and a multi-disciplinary approach.

Keywords:  cancer-related fatigue, inflammatory cytokine, physical activity

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