Palliative care, a necessary approach for the successful treatment of the patient with tuberculosis

Dr. Petru-Emil Muntean

Spitalul Județean de Urgență Argeș, Dispensarul de Pneumoftiziologie Pitești, România, Pneumologie

Primit: 14.11.2020 • Acceptat: 15.12.2020


Tuberculosis is one of the top ten causes of death globally, and more than 1000 people die of tuberculosis every year in Romania. Thousands of new cases are diagnosed each year, most of them among the young population. Currently, Romania has the highest incidence of tuberculosis in the European Union. A major challenge in the control of tuberculosis at national level is the underfunding of the National Tuberculosis Control Programme, which has led to difficulties in: ensuring a rapid and complete diagnosis; correct and a high-quality treatment; adherence to specific treatment. Development of drug resistance tuberculosis is because of patients’ poor adherence to specific medications and therefore requires longer treatment (1-3 years) and patients are more likely to fail or abandon their treatment. Palliative care of patients with tuberculosis is a relatively new form of specific care.

Keywords: tuberculosis, treatment, palliative

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