Stoma and anatomy of the abdominal wall

Dr Mihaela Leşe
Spitalul Judeţean de Urgenţă Baia Mare, România, Chirurgie 
Primit: 17.01.2021 • Acceptat pentru publicare: 5.03.2021


Often the final stage of a laborious and long operation, the making of a stoma is neglected by the operator, but it is he who will determine the patient’s quality of life and the appearance of immediate and late complications. With a frequency of 0.12% in the world’s population (WHO, 2016), the most common stomas are, in order, colostomes, ileostomes and urostomes, and the abdominal wall is the second important element in this complex.

Knowing its anatomy is essential in determining the location of the stoma, understanding the complications and choosing how to prevent and treat them.

Keywords: abdominal wall, ostomy, colostomy, ileostomy, parastomal hernia

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