Tumours presumed malignant without biopsy-evaluation and treatment problems

Șef de lucr. univ. dr. Ioana Soare1,4, Dr. Petru-Emil Muntean2,5, Șef de lucr. univ. dr. Roxana Mirică3,4

1Facultatea de Medicină, Universitatea Titu Maiorescu, București, România, 2Spitalul Județean de Urgență Argeș, România, 3Universitatea Carol Davila, București, România, 4Expertiză medicală, 5Penumologie Primit: 3.04.2021 • Acceptat: 15.04.2021


People with malignant looking tumours, who refuse the biopsy or whose surgeon does not reach the tumour tissue, as well as advanced cases, considered “outside the surgical and oncological therapeutic resources”, cannot be declared in the National Register of Cancer Patients. There are also cases when the biopsy shows inflammation or normal components. These patients cannot be treated by an oncologist because of the restrictive indications of insurers (health insurance companies) or because of the risk of allegations of malpractice. Patients will not receive social security rights (sick leave, disability pension) in the same way as cancer patients, but only as a patient with a common illness. Patients can receive palliative treatment, can be hospitalized in oncology departments. The death certificate may state “Tumour”. We propose to perform a separate diagnostic and treatment protocol for this group of patients.  

Keywords: tumour, cancer, biopsy, palliation, insurance medicine, malpraxis

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