International virtual masterclass in communication skills organised in Romania

It is often the case that patients who end up needing palliative care recount the devastating impact their diagnosis of an incurable disease has put on them. Such a diagnosis can break wings and cause irreversible damage. And then it is more than necessary for palliative care specialists to be prepared in the area of communication as well. Although they are not the ones who make the diagnosis, they are the ones who have to bring the news to the family, provide information and support.

The Communication Marathon for Palliative Care Professionals is an event that brought together 85 clinicians from 12 countries on 16-17 June and 23-24 June 2022, eager to learn about new communication techniques and share experiences. This is the first international virtual masterclass in communication skills organised in Romania.

In order to remove the barriers of communicating in a foreign language and for a better understanding of the concepts taught, participants were offered the opportunity to communicate in their native language in small groups, facilitated by experienced professionals in palliative care from the 12 countries: Armenia, Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania and Serbia.

Some of the topics covered:

– Effective communication in palliative care;
– Communicating diagnosis and prognosis effectively;
– Communication with family and carers;
– Communication with the team;
– Conflict management.

The Masterclass was organized by Transilvania University of Brasov and was taught by Prof. Dr. Frank Ferris and Prof. Dr. Daniela Moșoiu.