Welcome to PALIATIA – Journal of Palliative Care

Prof. Wim J.A. van den Heuvel, Co-founder, member of the International Editorial Board

Welcome to PALIATIA and thank you for your interest in palliative care issues.

Palliative care is an essential part of health and social care, which has developed slowly during the last decade. The need for palliative care is enormous and increasing. At the same time the content of palliative care is changing, which asks for quality assurance. Information on new developments in palliative care is required to deliver the best care possible within the context of the existing health care system.

Our objective is to serve professionals, working in the field of palliative care, with new research outcomes, up-to-date knowledge, actual debates and best practices to contribute to better palliative care.
We believe PALIATIA meets the needs of such information for professionals.

However, we not only focus on professionals; we believe information for patients, their families and interested citizens, including volunteers working in palliative care, is important as well. By sharing information internationally we all may contribute to the betterment of palliative care.