Review criteria

PALIAŢIA – Journal of Palliative Care
Manuscripts will be submitted as attachment to the email in Word format (to The manuscript will be registered, and the registration number will be communicated at the earliest convenience to the authors, by e-mail. Note: The authors must provide a correspondence e-mail address.

The editor-in-chief or the deputy editors will verify if the manuscript complies with the editing criteria

  • If the manuscript does not comply with the criteria, the corresponding author will receive a letter with the request to rewrite the manuscript according to the editorial criteria.
  • If there are serious errors of content and/or editing, the manuscript will be rejected by the editor-in-chief. The corresponding author will receive a rejection letter.
  • If the manuscript complies with the editing requirements, two peer-reviewers will be invited to review the manuscript. Both reviewers are not related with the work or institutions of the authors of the manuscript.

The editor-in-chief sends the letter of request (demanding a review within four weeks), together with a manuscript by e-mail to the peer reviewers. Reviewers will be asked to confirm the review process and time schedule. The reviewers’ decision (accept, accept with minor/major alterations, reject) will be send to the editor-in-chief, who will communicated the decision by e-mail to the corresponding author.

All member of the editorial board have expertise in the field of palliative care and are qualified to review manuscripts.

If the manuscript gets approval with alterations ,the anonymous comments of the reviewers will be send together with a statement of the editor-in-chief. The corresponding author shall send the altered variant of the manuscript within four weeks (complying with the initial submittal requests, mentioning the initial registration number of the manuscript), together with a letter/Word document as attachment to an e-mail where he/she responds item by item to the comments of the reviewers and specifies how the manuscript was modified. This mail is addressed to the editor-in-chief.

  • The peer reviewers will be asked if they are satisfied with the corresponding author’s answers. If so, the altered manuscript will be approved for publication.
  • If the peer reviewers consider the corresponding author’s answer is only partially satisfactory, they will request through new item by item comments an additional review of the manuscript. The editing process following the same route as in the case of the first revision.
  • If the peer reviewers consider that either on the first, or the second revision, the corresponding author did not meet/or met poorly the revision requests, they will advice to reject the manuscript for publication, which will be communicated to the authors by the editor-in-chief.

If a manuscript is approved, it will be published in PALIAŢIA. However, the degree of priority for the manuscript will be published, depends on the following criteria:

  • reviewers’ opinions
  • no author will have 2 articles in the same issue (as first author)
  • the degree of coverage for the different sections of the journal.

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