Wim J.A. van den Heuvel

Training and professional activities
1969 – 1976 Assistant Professor of the Institute of Social Medicine, Radboud University NL
1976 – 1980 Director of the Institute of Social Oncology (Dutch Cancer Society, KWF),
1980 – 2000 Professor of medical sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences and Faculty of Medicine, Groningen, NL
1989-1997 Scientific director Northern Centre for Health and Research University of Groningen, NL
1999 -2005 Director General Institute for Rehabilitation Research, Hoensbroek, NL
2000 -2005 Professor in Rehabilitation and Handicap Maastricht University, Maastricht, NL
2002 -2006 Scientific Director of Research school of Primary Health Care Research, The Netherlands

Selection of other activities:
1988> Chairman of the ‘foundation on research and advice in health care’ (SOAZ)
1994-2022: Chairman of the ‘International Art Foundation’ (IAF)
2002-2009 Project leader MATRA programme on palliative care in Romania
2002> Member ‘Board of Governors of FICOSSER’ (International foundation for health system research)
2004> President of the Foundation for integrated care in Romania (Rain Care)
2006-2015Member of the ‘Prevention Programme’ , Health Research and Development Council (ZonMw).
2008-2011 Chairman of the programme committee Revalidatie in Beweging’, Health Research and Development Council (ZonMw)
2008> Chairman of international Editorial Board PALIATIA
2011> Chairman of Research Committee on ‘Nursing research’, Health Research and Development Council (ZonMw)
2011-2019: Chairman ‘’Nursing Research’’ (ZonMw)
2019>member of Committee on ‘’Long Term Care’’ and ‘’Care at Home’’, Health Research (ZonMw)

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